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Laboratorio Didattico

"From Darkness into light"

A multi-discipline path, diversified according to age and preparation, for all schools at any level.

This is an itinerary with an abundance of narration, encounters and surprises: sparks that light up the dark, pages that become three-dimensional, flexible ribbons that turn into the shapes of different figures, drops that create concentric ripples of sound in the water. A journey with attention-grabbing “special effects”, hinting at the appeal of a faraway culture, but at the same time gradually providing the tools for a knowledgeable interpretation of the icon, this holy image and “window onto infinity”.

Travellers follow a thread along this path of awareness:

  • through the frescoes and sculptures in the seventeenth century Vicenza Palazzo, leading them to capture the light, volume, proportion and expressiveness of baroque art in order to uncover differences and similarities with the icon
  • into the workshop, where the open pages of a book help reveal the metaphoric meaning of darkness and light, showing the holy space of the orthodox temple, underlining its symbolic values and placing the icons in a fabric rich in meaning where different perspectives are interwoven. Rods, circles, earthy pigments… become tangible codes of visual language. The gleam of gold, colour, points, lines, surface, shape, secret geometry, rhythm and musicality are interpreted and experienced in their various dynamics
  • into the Galleries, encouraging recognition and reading of the codes seen in the workshop, offering comparison with religious works from Italian culture
  • introducing them, through unexpected links, to the reading of Russian avant-gardism art
  • showing them possible new workshops where a process of creative elaboration will lead them to re-explore, re-define and re-organise the fascination and knowledge experienced along this journey, to be applied to new contexts and, to other works.


Workshop on the codes of visual language. From the early 18th century icon “The Mother of God of the burning bush", in the Intesa Sanpaolo collection, to the painting by Vasilij Kandinskij, "Accent in pink", 1926.