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The first owner: Giovanni Zevallos

The documents concerning the palazzo are rich with information. In a manuscript dating back to 1639, we read in fact about the founder, Giovanni Zevallos, that  he “gained infinite riches, with which he was in  position to build that luxurious and great palazzo on Strada Toledo, which elicits admiration in whoever sees it”; a later source reports that he, “having been a poor and humble officer of the “scrivania di Razione”, had managed to amass a fortune of 600,000 ducats with the help of people at Court” and had spent 70,000 scudi to build the palazzo.

The existence of the palazzo in 1639 is confirmed by a notarial deed dated February 10 of the same year, while from a report of two years before one can deduce that there existed on the site a house owned by Zevallos, but not the palazzo yet; the latter would suffer serious damages during the people’s riots of 1647, the so-called revolt of Masaniello.

Portale d’ingresso del palazzo per opera di Cosimo Fanzago