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MILAN, Piazza della Scala, 6

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The nineteenth century

From Canova to Boccioni. The Fondazione Cariplo and Intesa Sanpaolo collections

The exhibition at the Gallerie d’Italia - Piazza Scala retraces one hundred years of art history, the Italian nineteenth century. The starting point is provided by the exceptional series of thirteen late eighteenth-century bas-reliefs by Antonio Canova, right up to the highly symbolic step towards the twentieth century seen in the four pre-futuristic works by Umberto Boccioni.

Curated by Fernando Mazzocca, the exhibition is divided into thirteen sections and twenty-three rooms located inside buildings of major historical, architectural and decorative value, redesigned and adapted by architect Michele De Lucchi: Palazzo Anguissola Antona Traversi, a landmark of eighteenth to nineteenth turn-of-the-century architecture, and the adjoining Palazzo Brentani, steeped in the atmosphere of nineteenth century noble residences.

Some surprises await visitors in the ample space given over to nineteenth century Lombardy art, with views of the Milan of bygone times, of the Cathedral and the former Naviglio canals as well as highlights from the Risorgimento, amidst battles and private scenes.

Some famous masterpieces include The two Foscari  by Francesco Hayez, Confession by Giuseppe Molteni, The Battle of Cernaja by Gerolamo Induno, Interior of Milan Cathedral by Angelo Inganni, View of the Naviglio Canal from the San Marco Bridge by Giuseppe Canella, The Gathering of Silkworm Cocoons by Giovanni Segantini, Portrait of Fattori in his Studio by Giovanni Boldini, Unable to Wait by Telemaco Signorini, La Leçon de Chant (The singing Lesson) by Federico Zandomeneghi, Dream and Reality by Angelo Morbelli and Dance of the Hours by Gaetano Previati.

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