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Progetto Cultura

Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment to culture

Intesa Sanpaolo, in keeping with a long and consolidated tradition, is actively engaged in the field of art and culture, in its deep rooted awareness that the role of a leading national bank is to contribute not only to the economic development, but also, perforce, to the cultural and civic growth of the country.

This commitment has taken shape in the development of Progetto Cultura, the “strategic container” of Intesa Saopaolo’s cultural activities. In this plan, renewed every three years, a range of initiatives - both temporary as well as permanent - are put into effect, according to specific programme guidelines.

The values underlying the project are the protection, public enjoyment and spread of awareness of the artistic and cultural treasures that constitute Italy’s incomparable heritage.

One of the guidelines for the plan is the enhancement of the large and prestigious historical, artistic, architectural and archival heritage of the Group, with the intention of sharing it with the general public. From here, the creation of a network of museum and cultural centres - the recent Gallerie di Piazza Scala in Milan, which join the already up and running Gallerie di Palazzo Leoni Montanari in Vicenza and the Gallerie di Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano in Naples: venues for the production of culture and enjoyment of art, united under the name of Gallerie d’Italia.

Another important guideline for Progetto Cultura is the contribution towards the protection of the cultural heritage of the country. This commitment takes shape through the guaranteed continuity of the initiative, launched in 1989, entitled Restituzioni: a restoration programme for Italy’s artistic and monumental treasures, promoted, supported and overseen by Intesa Sanpaolo in conjunction with the pertinent public bodies for art heritage, the Superintendencies. Now in its twentieth year, the project has not only achieved national status and scale but has also resulted in the restoration and return of almost one thousand artworks to the public.

For the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification, Progetto Cultura has also launched a series of initiatives that set out to provide food for thought on the theme of national identity. These include the travelling photography exhibition L’Italia e gli Italiani. Nell’obiettivo dei fotografi Magnum (Italy and the Italians - through the lens of Magnum photographers). The over 400 shots that portray the Italy of today, taken by nine photographers from the famous Magnum Agency, have been presented in Turin, Naples and London and are currently on display in Vicenza.

Progetto Cultura, next to the activities conceived and implemented independently by the bank, also envisages projects in partnership with other public and private institutions, through the support and promotion of their cultural efforts, in a relationship of fruitful and synergic collaboration.